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InícioSociedadeIt is necessary to consolidate the current governance model

It is necessary to consolidate the current governance model

It is necessary to consolidate the current governance model

Some academics and members of civil society argue against holding the district elections scheduled for 2024. In their view, the country needs to consolidate the current decentralization model.

Following the public consultation on the feasibility of holding the district elections in 2024, some academics and members of civil society advocate against conducting the suffrage.

According to the academic Vensis Muyuwai, “the country does not have the financial conditions to hold these district elections. Worse than that, the existence of various administrative bodies could hinder administrative management and complicate the lives of citizens,” he said, calling for the prioritization of harmonizing existing bodies to overcome the challenges observed in the field, where the division of functions between the Governor and the Secretary of State remains ambiguous.

During the meeting, organized by the Parliament’s Public Administration and Local Power Commission (4th commission), it was determined that it is necessary to focus on the country’s priorities.

Isabel Lampião, representing a civil society entity, argues that Mozambique should focus on the challenges it is currently facing, particularly the salary crisis in the healthcare and education sectors, as well as post-disaster recovery.

“This budget that could be spent on the electoral process, why not use it for healthcare and education? I emphasize healthcare because of what we are witnessing. Is the healthcare budget sufficient? Why don’t we focus on these areas and postpone the elections to an opportune moment?” questioned Lampião.

According to Paulo Tembe, also a member of civil society, the issue goes beyond the availability or lack of money for the process since, “like other processes, we can have money through partners. But are we prepared?” he questioned.

Regarding the proposal to consolidate the current decentralization model, António Muchanga, a member of Parliament from Renamo and the rapporteur of the fourth parliamentary committee, states that there are problems with the law.

“What is creating problems between the Secretary of State, for example, and the governors is the regulation of the laws because they granted governmental authority to the Secretary of State for matters that do not fall under the central government, and it is not the Secretary of State who decides to ‘return this.’ It is not his role to do that; it is the responsibility of those who inadequately regulated it to make corrections,” said António Muchanga.

It should be noted that the Frelimo parliamentary group in the Assembly of the Republic submitted a proposal for a partial revision of the Constitution of the Republic, which removes the date for the first district elections, foreseeing that they will occur when conditions permit.

Man sets fire to his girlfriend’s house for not accepting the end of the relationship

An individual set fire to his girlfriend’s house allegedly because he did not accept the end of their relationship. The incident occurred in the early hours of today in Mapulene neighborhood, Maputo City.

The burned house belongs to a neighborhood chief in Block 51, Mapulene neighborhood, in Maputo City. According to the homeowner, whose residence was reduced to ashes, the young man, just over 30 years old, with whom she had a romantic relationship, decided to set her house on fire because he couldn’t accept the end of their seven-year relationship.

Feeling that his love was no longer reciprocated by his “lover” in recent times, the man took matters into his own hands. It was just after midnight today.

The reason for the separation is the young man’s behavior in recent days. Married and curiously living next door to his former partner, the man had been taking advantage of his “lover’s” belongings.

“I no longer liked his behavior. He always came to my house to steal my things. In March, he stole seven thousand meticais from my savings, promised to pay back, but so far, nothing has been done. When he drank, he would create conflicts in front of my family,” Albertina Macupe, the ex-lover of the man who burned the house, expressed her frustration.

According to the homeowner, the young man set the fire through the window after several attempts to talk to his former partner.

“On Saturday, I went to Magoanine, and he saw me leaving. After seeing me, he decided to call me and asked to talk around my area. When I returned, I didn’t respond to him. He called me several times, but I didn’t answer. Later, he came to my house, knocked on the door, claiming he wanted to talk, but I refused to open. He went to the window, also asked me to open, and I declined. He broke the glass, and seeing his behavior, I decided to go to the children’s room. When my daughter peeked into my room, she saw that the bed was already on fire,” Albertina Macupe describes the details of the crime.

After committing the crime, the man accused of burning the house left the Mapulene neighborhood. However, he does not accept his ex-partner’s decision. Contacted by phone by his ex-partner, he confessed to the crime and demanded a face-to-face meeting.

“I took that action because you were not being clear with me. I always called you asking to talk, but you never listened. In recent days, you were indifferent and evasive. You should have told me that you were in another relationship and that everything between us was over. If you had done that, I would never have called you again,” confesses the young man, before demanding a face-to-face meeting.

“Both of us need to talk to put an end to this story. Be honest and tell me it’s over,” says the man, who, according to neighbors, should have already accepted his lover’s decision.

“He is setting a bad example for the men in the area and beyond. We, women, will be afraid to enter relationships fearing something similar. Love cannot be forced. When someone says ‘it’s over,’ you have to accept it and leave,” one of the neighbors concludes.




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